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Battery Rebuilds

If you have already placed a battery rebuild order, please send your batteries to:
   PowerTool Doctor Inc.
   27602 Harper Ave.
   St. Clair Shores, MI 48081

General Information

Our battery rebuild service is the heart of what we do at the Power Tool Doctor! Many don't realize the money they can save by rebuilding their power tool battery packs. In fact, most don't realize that such a service even exists! At the Power Tool Doctor, we aim to educate our customers about rebuilding their power tool batteries so they can enjoy the huge savings of rebuilding over battery replacement.

In addition to the rebuilding of power tool batteries, we can rebuild most other rechargeable battery packs both common and custom. We have built packs for everything from RC Cars to Custom Packs for automotive suppliers so please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote on any type of battery pack.

Battery FAQ’s

Q: How long should I charge my battery packs?
A: Most chargers have a built in feature that will automatically shut off after the packs are fully charged, however even if your charger has this feature never leave batteries un-attended or on the charger after their finished. If your charger is not equipped this this feature take the milli amp hour (mA) rating of your battery and divide it by the (mA) rating of your chargers output, this will tell you how many hours you should charge your battery packs.

Q: Why don’t my battery packs last as long as my old ones?
A: When you have your batteries rebuilt you need to fully cycle them five times before they will reach their optimum run times. Run your batteries until you notice power loss and fully recharge to cycle.

Q: How dead should my pack be before recharging?
A: Everyone seems to have a different opinion on this one; we recommend that you drain your batteries to 90% before recharging and not any lower. Your charger needs to see voltage in the battery in order to turn on; therefore if you completely kill the battery you risk no longer being able to recharge it and in rare cases you could reverse the polarity.

Q: How often should I recharge my batteries?
A: If you do not use your batteries that often you should charge them at least once a month, this will greatly extend the life of your rechargeable batteries. Batteries have a shelf life whether you use them or not and this life decreases significantly when you do not use them.

Q: How should I care for my Power Sport batteries?
A: When storing batteries in the off season you should not let the batteries to get below freezing temperature, if this is unavoidable charging often will keep your batteries fresh and from freezing but you should use a battery tender that maintains a float charge to keep your batteries fresh. Some chargers do not shut off and will over charge your batteries so you need to read the instructions that came with your charger carefully to determine the proper use of your battery maintainer.

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